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"On-Demand" Program Management Office (PMO) Support

Platform-enabled PMO Support Services for simple, complex, multi-location, or multi-technology programs, with a focus on delivering measurable business value across the Life-cycle. Either as individual carved-out components or end-to-end.

PMO Specializations

3 key PMO specialization streams for programs that drive measurable business outcomes from programs.

Product Engineering PMO

Specific time-bound product engineering or management PMO with time-to-market and velocity as the key drivers.

Transformation PMO

Business & cost structure transformation PMOs with ambiguous spheres of influence & defined business objectives.

Business Scale-up PMO

Revenue or Capacity scale-up PMO that integrates GTM, delivery & engagement with defined time & revenue targets.

PMO Support for predictable business outcomes

With a robust and structured governance approach, PMOs can drive predictability in deriving better business outcomes from every program initiative.

Our Services


Program Scope definition, Business Case validation, identifying program sponsors & director, funding, etc.


Defining objective-linked program success & outcomes,  building teams, schedules and budgets, etc.


Managing risks, issues, compliance, schedules, budgets, HR,  stakeholders, change & value across the life-cycle.


Transition to steady-state, knowledge transfer, outcome & value measurement, formal closure of the program.

Steady State

Operations with SLAs & Metrics, continuous improvement, optimization and transformation opportunities.

Value Governance

Identifying, managing, monitoring and communicating the various value components across the program.

Streamlining your PMO was never this easy

Craftoplex Platform

An evolving program governance platform with an AI-enabled graph network, consisting of Global Program Managers, Best Practices, Tools/Artifacts, and a Value Governance framework to enable measurable value delivery for every PMO.

GRC Dashboard & Journal

A cloud-based Program Governance Dashboard with workflows for Program Sponsors to track the health of the program.

Governance Community

A community of Program Managers and Directors to discuss specific aspects of program management to further understanding & good practice.

Best Practices

A knowledge repository of best practices for effective program governance with easy discovery and recommendations for easy adoption.

Tools & Artifacts

A compilation and classification of artifacts, tools, and dashboards that would help enterprises jump-start their governance process.

Program Managers

A curated database of Program Managers classified along 6 program management competencies for quick deployment.

Governance Configurator

A lean configuration tool to frame the various components of a program and value governance to enable assurance of  business outcomes.

Programs Served

We serve customers globally for specific Program Governance requirements across domains and functions

Innovation Journey Crafting ● Business Value Governance setup ● Digital Transformation ● Solution Implementation ● Sales & Marketing Transformation ● Supply Chain Transformation ● Operations Transformation ● India Design centre setup ● Electronic Manufacturing centre setup ● India Market Entry.


Setting up an Engineering Design Center for Increasing Feature Velocity & Reducing Operations Cost leveraging an Assisted Build-out Model.

Enabling a India Market Entry Program for a leading Japanese Manufacturing Organization for both revenue generation and production.

GIC Build-out, Talent Scale-up, M/L CoE Support and Managed Operations Support for quick scale-up of 450+ FTEs in less than 90 days, on a BOT model.

A BOT Model consisting of high-end engineering team in a low-cost center and Transferred to the parent in US to augment their engineering team.

Transforming a technology product delivery organization from a traditional waterfall model to a agile delivery operations coupled with product management and customer support functions.

Creating a core team of innovation team coupled with an ecosystem of industry technology and services partners for accelerating and delivering IP.

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